Case Study: Vessel/ Rig: Energy Searcher

Vessel/ Rig: Energy Searcher

Date: April 2015 | Project duration: 30 hours

The Energy Searcher is an old tanker which has been converted to a drill ship, and it came to anchorage in Walvis Bay in order to repair the inflatable shaft seal which could not inflate due to a
leak. The vessel arrived at 10.00 am on Friday 10th April, whereupon dive teams from Subtech started to assist the ship’s crew with the repair.

The dive teams worked for 12 hours through until late that evening in order to repair the shaft seal. The following morning, one on-signing crew member was transported to the vessel before it sailed at 1pm on to Bahrain where it was to be cold stacked. This operation was challenging simply because of the short turnaround time.

Initial estimates for the ship’s repair was at 3 days, but this operation was successfully completed, with the assistance of the Subtech dive teams, in just over 24 hours. LSS handled all the arrangements for this project, including booking and scheduling the dive teams, inward and outward clearance for the vessel, as well as loading one tonne of provisions and one crew member.
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