Case Study: Client: Chios Victory

Client: Chios Victory

Date: 02 November 2016 | Project duration: 180 hours

The Chios Victory, which was carrying a cargo of copper concentrate, arrived into Namport on 02 November 2016. This operation was a normal discharge of cargo by vessel cranes and grabs.

The cranes on board the vessel were connected to grabs which scooped the copper concentrate from within the vessel’s holds. The copper was then discharged into a hopper, which acted as a funnel. The copper concentrate was then funnelled through the bottom of the hopper onto a conveyor belt, which in turn ran to a stock pile where the product was discharged.

The vessel, which had five holds in total, was required to discharge the cargo from different holds simultaneously in order to maintain the vessel’s stability. The discharge of the total cargo took approximately 180 hours.
LSS acted as the ship’s agent for the vessel and monitored the operation, which was successfully completed without any delays. The vessel left early on the morning of 10th November.
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