Road Transportation

Logistics Support Services (Pty) Ltd provides road freight services both as stand-alone operations and in conjunction with other logistics services. The expertise and critical mass acquitted through this enables us to provide a range of dedicated and multi-user transport solutions designed to offer flexibility, cost effectiveness and high service levels.

By using subcontracted vehicles we can satisfy the most stringent customer requirements and offer a maximum of flexibility and diversity. A large part of Logistics Support Services (Pty) Ltd’s activities is focused on large projects, particularly for the Oil & Gas and Offshore industries.

We specialise in:

Cross Border Consolidation Service:
Our hands-on approach to Africa markets allows us to offer cost effective methods of moving both large and small consignments to our customers.

Order Assembly:
We have the ability to assemble cargo from multiple suppliers for one consignee, thus reducing costs and increasing control.

Full truck Loads:
Our team of professionals will find a solution to your full truck load requirement by ensuring that you get point-to-point transportation on a dedicated vehicle.

Bulk and Palletised Cargo:
Specialised cargoes such as grains, ores, bagged cargo and oversized machinery can be accommodated in various different manners to ensure you get the best possible solution for your need.

For our full guidelines on International Freight Management, please click here.
Road Transportation

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