Case Study: Vessel/ Rig: Maersk Voyager

Vessel/ Rig: Maersk Voyager

Date: June 2015 | Project duration: 3 days

LSS was appointed for this project following successful operations last year for the Voyager’s sister ships, the Viking and the Valiant. The Maersk Voyager is another in the series of V-class drill ships, and it was on its maiden voyage, coming from South Korea and moving on to Singapore. From there it sailed to Mauritius where it was mobilised and had a crew change, then it stopped in Namibia en route to its first contract in Ghana.

During the three day operation, LSS loaded 3.5 tonnes of spares and 15 tonnes of provisions, and carried out a crew change (40 on-signing crew and 43 off-signing crew) whilst the vessel was anchored inside Walvis Bay port limits. The three day operation was not without its challenges. On Sunday 31st May, the spares and provisions were loaded successfully but the operation to back load the sludge and garbage had to be suspended due to high winds. On Monday 1st June, the charter flight from Johannesburg carrying the on-signing crew was delayed which put pressure on the operation, leaving little time for the handover. Fortunately all off-signing crew made it on time for the returning charter flight to Johannesburg and consequently they all connected successfully with their ongoing flights.

After the crew change had been successfully completed, our teams carried on with the back loading of the sludge and garbage which had been suspended the previous day, and we commenced with the bunkering from the tanker. The back loading continued on Tuesday morning; in total we removed from the vessel 54 cubic metres of sludge, 120 cubic metres of garbage and 160 empty oil drums.

The operation was completed on Tuesday afternoon and the Voyager then sailed on Tuesday evening on to its destination in Ghana.

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