Case Study: Client: Maersk Drilling

Client: Maersk Drilling

Date: 07 March 2016 to 8th August 2017 | Project duration: 1 Year, 5 months

The Maersk Deliverer is a semi-submersible drilling rig designed for deep water drilling. The rig came to Walvis Bay in March 2016 for lay-up. Upon arrival, Logistics Support Services was retained to assist with the demobilization, and the first task was to carry out a crew change, whereby most of the incoming crew were disembarked. During this year and half a total of +- 400+ personnel were assisted with hotels and transport and connected to and from the rig in Walvisbay all arranged by lss. LSS was responsible for coordinating all visas, transport, launch boats and accommodation throughout this crew change, and thereafter for bi-weekly crew transfers.

Throughout the year and 5 months lay-up, LSS was responsible for all cargo and anchor handling operation chartering an osv vessel to assist with the deployment of the anchors for the rig, including: procurement of general stores, technical items and spares; clearing and forwarding; logistics and transport; and port negotiations. In addition, LSS was responsible for coordinating repairs to the vessel, retaining local engineering companies such as Wesco Engineering, as well as arranging for the logistics in transporting the engineers and spare parts to the rig.

LSS arranged for fuel to be supplied to the rig, with 2400 cubic meters being delivered in May 2017 and a further 1400 cubic meters in August 2017. LSS engaged the port to acquire special permission for bunkering with an offshore supply vessel. The Tidewater Vessel, JKL (J Keith Lousteau), was chartered to provide bunkering as well as to deliver cargo such as stores and spare parts to the rig.

On confirmation of the Maersk Deliverer’s new charter, Logistics Support Services, with the assistance of Maersk Drilling, started to implement a complete mobilization plan in order to ready the rig for her new contract after one and a half years of lay-up. LSS chartered an additional supply vessel, the Amsol vessel MV Peridot, for bunkering and cargo operations. Local stevedoring companies such as Rental Support Services and Namibia Stevedoring provided stevedoring services throughout the operation and assisted with the mobilization of equipment. The Peridot discharged 1116 drilling pipes, as well as 32 riser joints weighing 25 tons each. This cargo was offloaded into port, and LSS arranged for crane assistance and transport as well as storage within the port. Lss also arranged for special permission for hull cleaning to be done prior to sailing, enabling the rig to sail at economical speed

Following the final fueling, the last crew members were signed on and final cargo were delivered to complete the mobilization. Despite the tight deadline and urgency of the mobilization, Logistics Support Services, with the assistance of Maersk Drilling, Amsol, Tidewater and local engineering and stevedoring companies, the operation was successfully completed and the rig sailed on 8th August 2017 to undertake her new charter.
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